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1С:Enterprise 8. WMS Logistics. Warehouse management 4

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“1С:Enterprise 8. WMS Logistics. Warehouse Management 4” — is a modern WMS system, that can:

  • process a large number of orders;
  • solve complicated problems;
  • automate compound business-processes (operations, that consist of several steps and are performed by different employees with the help of different equipment) and much more.

Main features of “1С:Enterprise 8. WMS Logistics. Warehouse Management 4” system

  • Use of radio terminals — allows the system to work without an operator, that not only increases the accuracy, but also reduces time needed to perform certain operations;
  • Mobile client — is installed on a radio terminal, is connected to the system with the help of web-services and sends there data for its further processing;
  • Accounting of containers — consolidation and monitoring of condition;
  • Acceptance of goods — ability to set up stages of acceptance, confidence regime, cross-docking;
  • Allocation — strategies and automatic planning;
  • Processing — possibility of cluster selection;
  • Internal processes — multi-step displacements, zone replenishments, control;
  • Control over loading and unloading processes;
  • Analytics based on different parameters;
  • Billing — services tariffication and reports;
  • Shipping — planning and consolidation of orders.

Advantages of “1С:Enterprise 8. WMS Logistics. Warehouse Management 4”

“1С:Enterprise 8. WMS Logistics. Warehouse management 4” has the following advantages:

  • Broad functionality — from addressed storage to calculation of employees’ motivation;
  • Automatic work — in 99% of cases the creation and allocation of operations don’t need human involvement;
  • Universality — the system automates the tasks of processing external, outgoing and internal flows of goods in a warehouse;
  • Productivity — is ensured by a modern tree-level architecture of the system;
  • High level of fault-tolerance — is achieved by cluster reservation;
  • Integration — the system can exchange data with “1C:ERP Enterprise management” and “1C:Trade management”;
  • Data security — complies with FSTEC certificate (Federal services for technical and export control);
  • Technological effectiveness — the system is developed in the regime of manageable applications;
  • Efficiency — real-time warehouse management.

We offer the full range of warehouse automation services:

  • Pre-project survey;
  • System adjustment;
  • Installation of equipment;
  • Implementation of the system;
  • Integration with other systems;
  • Testing;
  • Launching.
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