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BIT.FINANCE: Management accounting

Functional and user-friendly software product for automation of financial accounting

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BIT.FINANCE: Management accounting — is a universal system, providing its users with the easiest and the most efficient formation of financial statements – according to any parameters, regarding any items, positions or responsibility accounting centers.

Implementation of BIT.FINANCE will make it possible for an enterprise to:

  • Keep all the management accounting according to the individual features of the chart of accounts and methods for recognition of business operations;
  • Fully automate all the budgeting processes (revenue and expenditure budget, cash flow budget, balance sheet budget);
  • Keep accounting and form financial statements according to several standards at the same time (Russian accounting standards, IFRS, US/UK GAAP);
  • Form a single information space, consolidate statements for a group of companies in a holding;
  • Provide the company’s management of all levels with relevant and reliable information for decision-making.

BIT Finance scheme  

Ideal compatibility with other software solutions

The distinctive feature of BIT.FINANCE is its ideal compatibility with 1C software:

  • 1C: Accounting 8,
  • 1C: Accounting 8 CORP,
  • 1C: Complex automation 8,
  • 1C: Trade management 11,
  • 1C: Enterprise management 8.

Possibility to use BIT.FINANCE together with other systems makes its implementation easy and not requiring a total rebuilding of the whole IT-infrastructure of the company.

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From accounting to support of decision-making

The functionality of BIT.FINANCE: Management accounting makes it possible to build an effective system of management accounting irrespective of the size of the enterprise and the sphere of its business activities.

The system allows to keep several types of accounting simultaneously (including accounting according to international standards — with the help of IFRS sub-system based on source documentation). This becomes possible due to the existence of 5 different charts of accounts and also to the extensive adjustment possibilities for business operations.

Why BIT Finance

Functionality of BIT.FINANCE: Management accounting

BIT.FINANCE: Management accounting allows not only to keep several types of accounting simultaneously, bit also serves for the formation and actualization of various master-budgets (revenues and expenditures budget, cash flow budget, balance sheet budget) for setting and controlling the budget limits at an enterprise.

With the help of this system you can not only automate the documentation processes, but also implement electronic coordination and signing of the documents.

An important advantage of BIT.FINANCE: Management accounting is its broad analytical capabilities and convenience for decision-making.

The system has powerful functionality for plan-factor analysis of revenues and expenditures, and also for scenario analysis with the ability to forecast the situations according to the different scenarios («What if…»).

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Version Description Price
Standard A fully functional solution for cash management with the help of a centralized Treasury. 50 000 RUB
PROF A fully functional solution for automation of budgeting in a company. Designed for formation of all kinds of budgets. 150 000 RUB
Management accounting A solution for management accounting, contract management, master-budgets, data consolidation. Has the full functionality of Standard, Prof and IFRS versions. 350 000 RUB
Holding A flagship solution of BMP (Business Performance Management) class for managing the effectiveness of a business and building a complex model of financial management in a holding. 1 000 000 RUB 500 000 RUB
For 1C: Trade management 8 An integrated addition to “Trade management 8” (ver. 11) typical configuration. Designed for automation of management accounting of trading companies and allows to solve the tasks of operational and financial accounting in complex, ensuring effective management of a modern trading enterprise. 350 000 RUB
IFRS A fully functional solution for accounting automation and report formation according to international financial reporting standards on 1C basis. Is integrated in any of the popular 1C programs and allows to reduce the time spent on preparation of IFRS accounting reports by 70%. 185 000 RUB
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